Friday, September 9, 2011

Note for returning parents (Year 2)- OMGC Confirmation 2011-2012

Greetings Returning families!

I hope your families have been enjoying a blessed and relaxing summer.

It will soon be that time of the year; school supply shopping,
meetings, homework, or in other words, just very busy.  But that also
means it’s time for the second year of confirmation classes to begin.

We will be kicking off the confirmation year on Sunday, September
18th, 2011 with a "Welcome Back" meeting.  We will begin at 4:00 p.m.

This meeting is for both candidates and parents (Please plan for at
least one parent to attend).  Light snacks/refreshments will be

I am aware that your schedules are often hectic and I would like to
thank you ahead of time for making the time to come out to meetings
like these.  I truly value your time, which is why I always do my best
to make this and all parent meetings as enjoyable and informative as I

What we will be covering at the meeting:
Filling out the new registration form
Together we will go over expectations/guidelines/fees
Prayer/Reflection for parents and teens
& Interview sign-up times
You will receive the calendar for the year

The team and I will be working again be working this fall so that your
entire family will get the most out of this upcoming year.  Looking
forward to seeing you and your teen very soon.

If you have questions regarding the Confirmation Preparation Process,
please feel free to contact me at or (323)
664-2111, ext. 115.

Yours in Christ,

John Paul Ramirez 
Director of Confirmation and Youth Ministry

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